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Wunderman Thompson Mobile: Your Mobile Partner

With great power comes great responsibility; the stakes are higher and the users are more demanding. Don’t waste your time and budget on an app that functions poorly – or worse – never hits the store.

We promise you 3 things:

  1. Your app will be beautiful
  2. Your app will perform
  3. Your app will ship

We’ve been delivering on those promises since 2008. Our clients come from Manhattan to Silicon Valley, all in search of the best mobile shop to build their premium app.

Here’s how we make it happen time and time again:


We identify the intersection of what a user wants and what your business provides.

“Being a product developer for over 15 years, I have learned that every great idea starts off crippled. There are a million reasons why something truly innovative can't be done. From my first meeting with Wunderman Thompson Mobile, there was always an attitude of possibility.”

- Michael Park, Creative Product Developer at Rendi

There are lots of possible features for your app; exceptional apps are about picking the right features. Let’s discover what is possible. Together we will determine:

  • Which platforms are right for your app
  • What OS versions your app should support (we’ve done lots of research)
  • Which third parties should be integrated
  • To which stores should your app deploy


We start with a grand idea of what your user wants and hone it in to something beautiful and functional.

“With Tag It! being the first app Rendi has developed, we needed an idea factory, not a production house. I really appreciate that the exploration and UI design phases remained focused on the needs/behaviors of our end customer. I believe this is one of the major reasons Rendi's customers have adopted the Tag It! app into their smartphone habits.”

- Michael Park, Creative Product Developer at Rendi

User Experience

Our innate understanding of users and their needs is enhanced by our focus on only mobile users and our integrated production process. A Lead Designer consults you on Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Android Design principals to create the best experience for your users on each platform.

Production Design

We take pixel perfect to a whole new dimension. Our production designs focus on executable, detailed style guides, wireframes, flow documentation, and assets. Our designers are highly technical, ensuring that everything that gets designed arrives in the final application.


You get the right solution for the right platform.

“I would describe Wunderman Thompson Mobile as Consummate Professionals... not only in their work, but in their approach and dedication for perfection. Zero Politics, one hundred percent focus on delivering great work.”

- Michael Stromer, VP Customer Connections, Marketing, JetBlue Airways

Wunderman Thompson Mobile develops custom solutions for our clients, not platforms.

Through our continued education and best practices, Wunderman Thompson Mobile crafts custom mobile solutions that meet our customers specifications. Results are on time, on budget, and worthy of the #1 spots on App Stores.

That’s why discerning brands continue to choose Wunderman Thompson Mobile.

iOS App Development

Our iOS team is a mix of Apple veterans and conference speakers, well known for our definitive guides and elegant solutions to complex problems.

Making sure your app meets Apple’s requirements and impresses the review board is no problem for our experienced team who know the platform inside and out.

Android App Development

Our team of Android Developers are award winning published authors, frequently educating other engineers on major changes to the Android OS.

The challenges Android faces with fragmentation are quickly met by our team of experts and careful planning.

Hardware Integration

We have unique experiences integrating hardware with iOS and Android. From custom Android control systems to health and fitness accessories, Wunderman Thompson Mobile can bridge the software and hardware divide with precision.


We go the extra mile to make sure every app ships and meets our high personal standards.

“Real Artists Ship.”

Steve Jobs

Don’t be surprised if you see whiteboards graffitied with the words, “SHIP IT” around our offices. Shipping isn’t just a nice bullet point on our website, it’s baked into our DNA.

Everything in our process leads up to this point: it’s all hands on deck.


A tool exclusive to Wunderman Thompson Mobile clients, Vend allows you to receive builds of your application as it is developed. This transparent approach ensures everyone is aligned as development occurs. Vend is a native app for iOS and Android, complimentary with every engagement.

iOS Build and Submission Assistance

Because App Store submissions can be tricky, we help with the entire submission process to ensure your app is launch-perfect.

Android Storefronts

You want your Android app in Google Play and in Amazon’s Appstore? No problem. We not only give you advice on where you should deploy your app, but also help you coordinate your cross storefront launch.


Once your App ships, Wunderman Thompson Mobile is there to support it. Monitoring, onsite support for event apps, minor updates, and major revisions are all in the cards. We are also your eyes and ears for major changes in the mobile ecosystem, attending WWDC and Google I/O each year to gather information. Customers of Wunderman Thompson Mobile will be briefed on major advancements and how changes to tools and devices will affect their apps to keep ahead of the curve.

We’re not a mobile vendor, we are your mobile partner. 

Additional Services

app marketing
app strategy consulting
monetization strategy
concept development
information architecture
branding design
icon design
mobile copy writing
app promotion
custom mac apps
design audits
code audits
quality assurance
app deployment strategies
submission strategy
Chromecast integration

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