tvOS development for Apple TV


tvOS application development for Apple TV

Apple TV has launched its new operating system appropriately called tvOS. As leaders in mobile application development and strategy, we create stunning and interactive tvOS applications for Apple TV. tvOS applications are built using a framework similar to Apple’s existing operating systems. Meaning, we already have the building blocks to create a stunning cinematic experience that translates to Apple TV.

What is tvOS for Apple TV?

tvOS is a slimmed down version of iOS. It has many of the same capabilities, such as buttons, navigation controls and video processing. However, it does not include a web browser. Apps are downloaded via an onscreen app store, similar to iOS. This means existing apps will have to be adjusted in order to work on the device. Notably, TV Everywhere apps that include cable provider authentication and use solutions such as Adobe Pass will need to adopt new methods due to the lack of a working web browser.

Additionally, tvOS has extensive Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) provided by Apple. The teams have used the Apple HIG on other platforms and are incorporating the Guidelines into our design processes. While most of the industry is rushing to make the changes needed to support tvOS, our experienced team is hard at work collaborating with our valued customers to create stunning tvOS applications. Here is a deeper look into the specialized features and functionalities associated with tvOS.

tvOS noteworthy features and functionalities:

Removal of webviews: Apple has removed webviews from tvOS. Webview functionality was not included in tvOS in order to provide a better user experience for consumers. A 1080p, non-Retina screen would not render web content well from webview to a TV screen. The team at Wunderman Thompson Mobile builds native apps, which will not only translate beautifully to TV, but will endure tvOS updates more gracefully than web content from the current platform version.

Siri voice search: The advancement of Apple’s media player offers an improved Siri voice search. The new Siri Remote and the power of tvOS allows consumers to browse movies, search for TV shows, open apps and inquire about sports scores all while watching TV. The new remote also has a built-in accelerometer and a gyroscope, which allows our team to create cutting-edge video games and apps to function with gestures and a touch screen remote. Not only can consumers play games on Apple TV, but their friends can join in on the fun for multiplayer games using their iOS devices.

Graphics: Apple TV is now equipped with a powerful A8 chip with high-quality graphics, including iOS 9’s Metal technology that creates detailed graphics and visual effects. Our developers are committed to creating a wide-range of apps that offers a brand new experiences for Apple TV users. 

New apps: Apple TV’s apps include, but are not limited to, live action sports, lifestyle and gaming. Users will now be able to browse and install apps from the Apple TV App Store. Some of the available apps include Gilt, Airbnb, and Zillow. Our dedicated team is working with customers to not only help existing customs re-envision their current apps for tvOS, but also conceive new apps guaranteed to captivate and engage Apple TV consumers.

tvOSDevelopmentProcess (1)Our Services:

Re-envision existing iOS applications to be tvOS compatible for Apple TV: We help our customers re-envision their existing iOS applications and guide them through the process of using their existing app to build an engaging tvOS app that translates beautifully to Apple TV. Networking, data parsing, authentication and in-app-purchase code will transfer from iOS to tvOS.

New tvOS app design for Apple TV: The team creates, packages and ports new applications to be available in the App Store for both tvOS and across all Apple’s iOS devices. Our team of talented developers works with customers from conception to completion to ensure that their app translates as seamlessly to TV as it does across all mobile devices.

Custom remote control development: The tvOS remote functionality includes voice navigation, a touch pad and motion sensors. Our team has developed multiple applications for Android TV, which included interfaces with remote touch. We understand how to develop an application that provides the user a simple and fluid remote to TV experience.

Who is Wunderman Thompson Mobile?

Wunderman Thompson Mobile, part of Wunderman Thompson, is a mobile solutions company dedicated to evolving and elevating the mobile category by creating world-class apps. Composed of an innovative team of developers and strategists, our work has garnered outstanding results. For more information regarding tvOS development, please fill out the form below.

tvOS development for Apple TV