Our Motivation

We are true mobile craftspeople.

Products of the highest quality are often built by craftspeople, and that is exactly what we are at Wunderman Thompson Mobile. A deep passion and understanding for the mobile space allows us to craft top-tier mobile products; ones that are intuitive, appealing, and consistently engaging to your community.

Since our inception in 2008, Wunderman Thompson Mobile has started every day motivated to build the premier products in mobile. There’s no outsourcing or freelancing here— our passion stays focused within the office, and consistently spreads and builds between our team members and skill sets. Through hiring the right people, working with the right clients and staying humble, we’ve been able to stay on the cutting edge of mobile and having a lot of fun doing it. We’ve reaped the rewards of pushing the mobile envelope and love working with clients who are brave enough to do so.

Craftsmen build masterpieces. They’re passionate and knowledgeable, which reflects in the attention to detail in their products. As craftsmen of the mobile space, we are motivated every day to raise the bar in the products we create.