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As the mobile developer for Major League Soccer, Wunderman Thompson Mobile was able to execute MLS’s Apple Watch Strategy. By leveraging their deep technical knowledge of the existing mobile solution, Wunderman Thompson Mobile was able to streamline delivery. On a tight timeline, Wunderman Thompson Mobile delivered a workable prototype that was noticed by Apple and shown on stage during the September 7, 2016 event, where it was then available for demonstration in the event’s press room on the newly announced Apple Watches. Following the event, the app was polished and then shipped to the App store for users to delight in.


By providing efficient project management, high end development services, and QA testing in fast paced yet agile increments, Wunderman Thompson Mobile was able to execute a seamless integration between the MLS iOS app and the Apple Watch app. The tight project process in place allowed for quick and effective completion of the project. Extensive regression tests were run for each feature with 2 week sprints and demos to ensure the team was meeting deadlines.

Users have the ability to stay up-to-date with their favorite MLS teams by turning on push notifications within the app. Fans can be notified when a game has started, when it’s half-time, and when the game has ended. Alerts also include misconducts and substitutions occurring during a match, when new articles and videos have been released, when game lineups are available, and when condensed matches are posted for viewing.

Matches at a Glance

Working with MLS, the team decided upon specific features that would provide the most value to accommodate Apple Watch users. Wearables are meant for quick interactions by providing simple content. The MLS Watch app allows users to follow MLS matches without actually having to watch the game. The MLS Watch app also displays team’s league standings and additional stats from a recent match such as Shots on Target, Corners, Fouls, Yellow Cards, Red Cards, Pass Accuracy %, and Possession %.

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Fans can now simply check their wearables for brief MLS updates regarding schedules, match updates, and game stats. Wunderman Thompson Mobile successfully ideated, designed, and built the MLS Apple Watch app, and look forward to executing more wearable apps in the future.

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