Pokémon TV Redesigned: A New Way to Follow Your Favorite Anime Adventures

Wunderman Thompson Mobile and the Pokémon TV team brought the adventures of Ash, Pikachu, and more across all of your devices with a fresh new look!

The team at Wunderman Thompson Mobile noticed that the Pokémon TV app would benefit from an enhanced UI and UX to better serve its users. The app’s design was outdated, and it needed a refresh to remain as a contemporary, digital streaming platform. After presenting the initial idea of a complete redesign, Pokémon was on board and the teams kicked off a discovery session. Knowing that staying true to the familiar would be key for Pokémon fans, together Wunderman Thompson Mobile and Pokémon mapped out the best way to delight users through an improvement to the app’s overall organization and viewing experience. 

During the design phase, the team experimented with creating a UI that would incorporate Pokémon artwork that fans know and love, while also adding a cutting-edge and up-to-date look and feel across every device. Cleaner cover art would also enable users to quickly identify which content most appealed to them, while also improving upon and adding new interactive features to keep users engaged. Pokémon TV Redesigned: A New Way to Follow Your Favorite Anime Adventures While the redesign was a significant effort, Wunderman Thompson Mobile’s team also provides app development services for Pokémon TV. The group has built and optimized the apps for a total of eight different platforms including iOS, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Fire Tablet, Fire TV, Roku (Wunderman Thompson Costa Rica), and Web (Wunderman Thompson Mobile and Wunderman Thompson Costa Rica). While some of these apps do share code across platforms, it’s worthy to note that there are four different coding languages being handled across Pokémon TV including Swift, Kotlin, Brightscript, and JavaScript. Creating a consistent experience across all platforms while supporting localization in 13 different languages is no easy task, but Wunderman Thompson Mobile has continued to deliver successfully.Pokémon TV Redesigned: A New Way to Follow Your Favorite Anime Adventures

Sit Back, Relax, and Binge-Watch Your Favorite Pokémon Adventures

The Pokémon TV app includes features that all have the same end goal in mind—to allow Pokémon fanatics to sit back and watch their favorite episodes, movies, and more with little to no effort. The redesign was the perfect opportunity for the Wunderman Thompson Mobile team to implement new features that would make it even easier for users to browse and watch. The app includes:

  • Streaming capability for on-demand Pokémon content including seasons, episodes, and movies, all for free
  • Continuous play lets users watch the next episode in the queue automatically
  • Continue watching option allows users to pick up where they left off on an episode
  • Pokémon Trainer Club integration enables users to synchronize their viewing progress across all of their devices
  • When users are without the internet, they can download their favorite episodes and movies for offline viewing
  • Push notifications are available so fans can receive direct alerts when new content is available
  • The homepage now spotlights new seasons, collections, and movies so users see it upon opening the application

It’s safe to say that the adventures of Ash and friends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, as the client and users were very satisfied and impressed with the app’s new look and feel. The Wunderman Thompson Mobile team transformed the Pokémon TV app into a true “lean back” experience, allowing fans to binge-watch their favorite content without interruption or the need to take time navigating through the experience.Pokémon TV Redesigned: A New Way to Follow Your Favorite Anime Adventures“We demoed Pokémon TV to our 100-person tech organization and the ‘continue watching’ feature worked flawlessly across HTML 5, tvOS, and iOS. Much praise and applause for the Wunderman Thompson Mobile team. Again, very fortunate to have you as a partner on this project. VPs and our President are all very impressed.” —Brett Blair, Producer, Pokémon TV.

Fans Keep Coming Back to Pokémon TV for More

Since the redesign for Pokémon TV, app ratings and downloads have both increased significantly. The app currently has 4.7 stars on the App Store and 4.4 stars on Google Play. Users have also taken kindly to the application with reviews like “Old timer pkmn lover here. I love this app! They just keep adding more!” and “I absolutely love this app! It gives you lots and lots of Pokémon episodes, and all for free!” The Apple TV App Store also featured Pokémon TV in its ‘Apps We Love’ section. The Pokémon TV apps are perfect for young kids exploring the Pokémon adventures for their first time, or older fans who couldn’t resist the nostalgia. See it for yourself and download the app today!