A Digital Approach to FLOR Design

Wunderman Thompson Mobile was tasked with bringing a physical experience to a touch interface in a way that is engaging, true to life, user-friendly, and fun!

FLOR empowers customers to design their own rugs out of modular carpet tiles for any space without compromising their style or the planet. While this retail design experience is both fun and unique, FLOR wanted to utilize digital to increase collaboration with store associates and improve the customer experience.

FLOR teamed up with Wunderman Thompson Mobile to design and build an in-store iPad Pro kiosk app to replicate this human experience on a digital platform. As customers entered FLOR stores for the first time, they sometimes had to wait until Sales Associates had time to assist them. The FLOR app enables shoppers to begin designing their rugs through the app while they’re waiting to be helped. This not only gives customers a better idea of what they’re looking for, but it also serves as a way to keep shoppers engaged and makes the sales process much more collaborative and efficient.


The app features a Design Studio which enables shoppers to customize their rugs square by square with a variety of different colors and patterns. Shoppers can design their rugs by starting from a template, starting with a pre-designed rug, or starting from scratch with a blank canvas. Shoppers can also build their rugs to be their own preferred shapes and sizes including runners, area rugs, or wall-to-wall carpets. The inventory of tiles is updated in realtime, allowing new FLOR tiles to be incorporated into designs while discontinued tiles are removed to avoid customer dissatisfaction.


The FLOR app lets users save their designs to their personalized accounts so they can continue building from FLOR’s Design Studio on flor.com. Shoppers can then purchase their rugs from the app in-store or through the website once the rug is complete. Not only does FLOR’s app serve as a visual sales tool by showing the customer a variety of designs, it provides an improved customer experience.


By providing project management, creative design, UX, iOS engineering, and QA services, an enterprise release of FLOR’s kiosk app has been successfully launched. To guide the app’s future development, Wunderman Thompson Mobile will evaluate various KPIs such as increasing in-store purchases, capturing new users through the app, measuring the amount of time customers stay in the store, and ensuring that the new FLOR app exceeds the technical capabilities that were originally in place. The teams plan to work towards releasing a standalone version of the app in the near future for users to download to their personal devices. Wunderman Thompson Mobile and FLOR are changing the way consumers shop by making the entire experience more timely and interactive.