Client: Rendi


Quick, personal decor design for busy parents

Rendi Circle Icons

Wunderman Thompson Mobile developed the "Tag It!" app for Rendi's new line of customizable printed photo tags, delivered to your door at the tap of a button.

User Experience For Design On-The-Go

“With Tag It! being the first app Rendi has developed, we needed an idea factory, not a production house. I really appreciate that the exploration and UI design phases remained focused on the needs/behaviors of our end-customer. I believe this is one of the major reasons Rendi's customers have adopted the Tag It! app into their smartphone habits.” -Michael Park, Creative Product Developer, Rendi

Tag It! users needed a clean, step-by-step "wizard" workflow to enable quick tag design on-the-go, but Rendi's existing website was built off a Silverlight plugin with a "canvas" style workflow. Creative wire-framing and expert coding allowed us to create the custom wizard experience while still integrating with Rendi's existing Silverlight web solution.

The result is an intuitive mobile interface for users who need to design projects quickly and a seamless backend for Rendi, who can manage their desktop and mobile app with ease.

Expert Engineering

Tag It! may be simple to use, but there's some very technical code behind its advanced photo editing capabilities. Wunderman Thompson Mobile's engineering team aimed to take the hard work out of photo editing so we could truly target Rendi's user-base of busy parents. Because both Android and iOS handle photo rotation and image information differently, this could have been a real challenge for most app companies who don't specialize in both platforms. We relied on our expertise as masters of native development to optimize the speed and ease of photo editing on each platform.

The Ultimate in Client Control

Rendi is constantly updating their font and background options to give Tag It! users the most current selection, so Wunderman Thompson Mobile engineered Tag It! design elements to integrate with Rendi's database. The result is full client control of the app's content without needing costly app updates. Check out Tag It! for free in the App Store and Google Play to get an idea of what Wunderman Thompson Mobile can build for your company.