Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

Client: Meredith Corporation

Better Homes and Gardens

Best Online Tool and App, 2013 MIN Editorial & Design Awards

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One of the most imperative, yet overlooked ingredients in a successful app is a strong relationship between the client and the developer. Like the yeast that helped form your ciabatta, an excellent relationship binds all elements together and helps them to rise beyond individual potential. We're proud that our relationship with the Meredith Corporation has cooked up a blue-ribbon winner.

More Than Meets the Mouth

Even if made from the same dough, a delicately braided challah tastes better than one that’s been lackadaisically plopped on a pan before its trip to the oven. That’s because a large part of tasting is done with the eyes. Similarly, an app that looks and feels better is more satisfying to the user. When our user experience experts collaborated with Meredith to reshape the recipe of an old app, we started from scratch and gave it a rich user experience, paired with a tasty design.

Optimized for iOS 7, the new iPhone app features a refreshingly simple layout to and background-blur techniques to make these recipes really pop.

Comes in Your Favorite Flavors

You’d never attempt to make breadsticks in a bundt pan. That’s why we developed a unique flavor for each device. The specific ingredients for each platform are surprisingly not-so-secret. While iOS patterns are well established and most mobile designers and developers follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines when creating an iPhone or iPad app, the same app on Android oftentimes ends up as a clone of iOS with little regard to platform differences. We took care to follow Google’s Design Guidelines to create an experience respectful of the differences and consistent with Android users’ expectations. Adhering to platform-specific UI and UX standards mitigated the risk of alienating users on either platform.

iOS Human Interface Guidelines
Android Design Guidelines