A Hardware Interfacing App on a Tight Timeline

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Kingston's MobileLite Wireless unit is a powerful media storage device, but it needed a killer app to go with it - and fast.

Speed With Integrity

The MobileLite Wireless device allows users to store extra media in an external unit so they can save valuable storage space on their devices. Because users of this unit are frequently accessing their media files from their phones and tablets, our engineering team focused their time on organizing files into collections so users could quickly access them for viewing or listening. Search functionality was also a must, as this product's target user tends to be very media-heavy.

By keeping everything consistent with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and simplifying the user experience to its core needs, we were able to speed up the production process without sacrificing any of the clean, reliable code for which we're known.

For the best possible experience for users, we built an entirely new app from scratch, optimized for iOS 7.


Of course, all the strategy and UX modifications in the world wouldn't account for the intensity of a design and development team. A major way to improve productivity and speed up your development timeline is to make sure your team is experienced, integrated, and committed to the success of your product.

We're really proud of the work that came out of this quick production cycle, but don't just take our word for it. Check it out on the App Store and let us know if Wunderman Thompson Mobile can help your company.