iBike Coach

iBike Coach

Client: Velocomp

iBike Coach

Wunderman Thompson Mobile worked directly with iBike to completely redesign and reengineer their application from the ground up.

iBike Coach Circle Icons

iBike has produced high quality, low priced bicycle power meters since 2006. Cultivating iOS allowed iBike to present their established technology in a new, rich visual patform. The iBike Coach app presents the rider with needed information in a concise, insightful interface. Whether pushing over through challenging terrain or sitting on the couch reviewing the day’s ride, iBike makes the complex simple and clear.

Simple & Intuitive, Both in Your Hands & In the Dash Out On the Road!

There were a few primary challenges to making iBike Coach an elegant and intuitive experience. One: how to get the user into the app and riding with as little up-front work as possible. Two: how to create cohesion between two distinctly different use cases – indoors on the couch and outdoors on the bike, sun beaming overhead or not. In the end, iBike Coach utilized a few simple visual metaphors throughout, solidifying these experiences into one.

An application like this requires a good amount of setup not normal to the app world. By providing users a home base outside of the riding experience – iBike’s swipable cards – we first introduce the interface, which allows them to tap and swipe around before setting up their bikes. The bike card setup guides users through the process they will return to in the future to edit their info or set up new bikes.

The in-ride screens work cohesively and intuitively for the new user – in spite of their distinctly different styling – by reusing the swipable in-ride experience as well as color and textures. Swipe between three different screens to find the one that offers the info you find important. The Adaptive Screen (original to Coach) displays varied data based on in-ride conditions – ascending, descending, or simply pushing along a long stretch.

Clean & Legible

iBike Coach utilizes Apple’s iOS imagery and computing capabilities to its fullest. First things first: big text. We display all text clearly and legibly on a high-contrast background. Second, put the strong visual capabilities to work. All gauges and graphs are designed to simply illustrate useful information without changing so rapidly that they became a distraction from the ride itself.