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Grow with Gloo

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Gloo wanted to improve the mobile experience for their self help platform so they brought in Wunderman Thompson Mobile as the strategic experts. Wunderman Thompson Mobile helped Gloo with iOS and Android development support and provided direction for how to best align the app with the organization’s mission.

Many people want to better themselves, however, they’re not likely to self-activate in order to do so. Fortunately, there are many people who strive to help others grow, or as Gloo calls them, Champions. By providing a space where people in need of help can work with their respective Champions, Gloo and Wunderman Thompson Mobile are improving the world one app download at a time.

Marrying Content & Communication

In between face-to-face communication, Champions and growees can remain in contact through Gloo’s mobile app. Champions can assign their growees content to review which will then appear in the user’s queue. Champions can also give their growees assessments to take and can track the results to measure self-improvement.

The ‘My Growth’ tab within the app is where a growee’s progress can be tracked. My growth depicts how far along a growee is towards accomplishing their goals, which helps to support communication between the champion and the growee regarding progress.

Wunderman Thompson Mobile’s team also worked on developing the app’s feed, which acts similar to a social feed in that users can view, comment on, and share others’ posts within the app. To ensure the app received high engagement, a push notification strategy was executed which alerts users of activity on their content. The app also notifies growees when they can continue progressing through assigned content, since Champions have the ability to assign content in stages.

An App for a Better You

Gloo serves as a medium for helping all people, whether that’s alcoholics working towards recovery, yogis trying to learn more about their passion, or inmates looking to break cycles of recidivism.

Due to Wunderman Thompson Mobile’s iOS developers, Android developers, Account Managers, and the Gloo team, the second version of Gloo’s mobile app was delivered successfully. The app can be downloaded for free from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Both teams plan to continue working together to advance the app with new features and releases in the coming months.

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