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Denver Art Museum

DAM_SCOUT’s user experience is a cut above the rest.

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DAM_SCOUT seems like a simple enough app; scan a code, receive content, done. Coming to the end solution was anything but simple, though. There’s really quite a bit going on. Handling and presenting all the different types of content in an intuitive way proved to be a vexing challenge. Isn’t the best design the kind that gets out of your way?

A Single Scan

A huge variety of media items are a tap away after a single scan – video interviews, artist statements, photos of work, YouTube videos, text info, artists website links, user-shared photos, or guides to associated pieces elsewhere in the museum; almost all of these are sharable through social media and open to public comments and discourse.

The main challenge of this app was presenting all of those items without any real preference for one or the other, while also leaving a certain amount of mystery to inspire individual exploration on the user's part. In the end, presenting each item as a title and an artistically cropped image served both purposes. The photos act as intriguing, tappable (but not clickable) wallpapers and the titles draw the user in while only revealing so much; discovery of all kinds is only a simple tap away.

Like a Museum Guide, But On Your Own Terms & Minus the Bad Jokes

A museum experience is different for everyone. Some people prefer to take their time, going piece by piece, reading all info available; some prefer buzzing around purely based on what catches their eyes. DAM_SCOUT is really for all of these people; whether you want to take in all that the app has to offer right there in the experience or scan and view later – at home or in the lobby waiting for your slow friend – it all works very simply.