Bringing Pokémon TV to Apple’s tvOS Platform

Pokémon came to Wunderman Thompson Mobile for help reengineering and redesigning their existing Pokémon TV digital properties. During the discovery phase with Pokémon, Wunderman Thompson Mobile recommended they help Pokémon execute the app for tvOS. Given the recent release of Apple TV (4th Generation) and the already existing iOS app for Pokémon TV, there was a solid base on which to build upon for a tvOS experience. While tvOS was a fairly new platform, Wunderman Thompson Mobile was an early adopter allowing delivery to happen quickly.

Binge Watching Just Got More Personal

Wunderman Thompson Mobile’s design team personalized the Pokémon tvOS experience by incorporating several interactive components. The new five-star rating system within the app enables users to score episodes after they have finished watching. This allows users to track what they’ve watched and helps them to know if additional episodes within the channel may be relevant. Additionally, once users have begun watching an episode, it is automatically saved to My Channel. This enables viewers to pick up where they left off watching if they didn’t finish the episode.


During discovery, Pokémon asked how viewership could be increased. Wunderman Thompson Mobile streamlined and enhanced the app’s UX by creating an autoplay solution, allowing users to watch episodes continuously and in order. Autoplay eliminates the need for viewers to have to manually select on the next episode. Instead, users can sit back, relax, and enjoy binge watching their favorite Pokémon episodes through the unified experience developed by Wunderman Thompson Mobile.


The Pokémon channels found within the app contain a number of seasons, episodes, and movies, and are all based on the different Pokémon regions found throughout the series. Within these channels, the episodes have a specified order which can be watched consecutively as a result of autoplay.


Pleasing Pokémon Fans of All Ages

By bringing Pokémon TV to an interface optimized for tvOS, the app’s overall rating increased to 4.5 stars. The analytics Pokémon receives from the app’s rating system can continue to help the company best satisfy their customer base; whether that is young kids exploring Pokémon adventures for their first time, or older fans who couldn’t resist the nostalgia.

Chris Mitchell, a Mobile Software Engineer for Wunderman Thompson Mobile and who also led the effort commented, “We’re continuing to work with Pokémon and are exploring new and improved features that we can employ to further advance the Pokémon TV on tvOS experience.”

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