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Apple has launched watchOS 2, which is Apple’s second operating system since the Apple Watch debuted. As leaders in mobile application development and strategy, we have been building watch apps for our clients since Apple first announced the watch. We develop and design watch apps with user experience and prioritizing features at the forefront. Learn about how we executed MLS’s Apple Watch Strategy here.

What makes our development and design approach unique?

Our team understands how people interact with watch apps. We take that knowledge and help our clients narrow and select the key features from their host app in order for us to distill those features to create a simplistic user experience. During this process, we leverage our expertise, usability testing and stakeholder feedback to distill the essential features down. We keep repeating this process until the app contains only features that are absolutely necessary.

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What are the benefits of an Apple native watch app?

The Apple Watch immediately and conveniently sends users the notifications that they care most about via the watch. Native watch apps run entirely on the Apple Watch, which means they perform better and load faster. As a result, native watch apps have greater capabilities. Our team creates native apps that track and notify users with sports updates, health and fitness, social activity and more.

Noteworthy Apple Watch features and functionalities:

Complications: Complications are small elements that appear on the watch face and provide quick access to frequently used data. Users can customize most watch faces and install the complications that they want to see, such as a sports or weather alert.

Notifications: Users can receive and respond to customized notifications in an instant. Meaning users can prioritize which notifications are most important to them and set the watch to only alert them in those instances.

Glances: Glances are quick summaries of information that can be quickly viewed at a glance. Essentially, glances are small quickly digestible pieces of information that can be accessed without ever opening an app.

Handoff: This feature allows users to quickly open their phone app and transfer an activity from watch to phone, such as a call or notification about a new post.

Messages, calls and mail designed for the watch: By raising their wrist, users can read and respond to a message or email. Users can also reply instantly by dictating or choosing a preset or customized response.


Watch app development: The Apple WatchKit apps has two parts: A WatchKit extension that runs on iPhone (under watchOS 1) or on the Apple Watch (under watchOS 2) and a set of user interface resources that are installed on Apple Watch. WatchOS 2 apps allow for a more robust, native experience, while watchOS 1 apps can be simpler to develop.

Regardless of the complexity of the app, our developers are experts at using and working within the confines of the kits to develop and customize each client’s watch app to create a robust app that maximizes all of the watch’s features while still maintaining a simple and user-friendly app.

Customized designDesign is an essential and integral component when creating an app for the Apple Watch. Although watchOS 2 opened up more functionalities for designers, there are still many functional restrictions that exist within the kits, such as customs icons, animation, image handling and memory. Our designers understand the user experience and collaborate with our developers to maximize the templates Apple has given us to ensure we are delivering the sleekest user interface possible.

Who is Wunderman Thompson Mobile?

Wunderman Thompson Mobile, part of Wunderman Thompson, is a mobile solutions company dedicated to evolving and elevating the mobile category by creating world-class apps. Composed of an innovative team of developers and strategists, our work has garnered outstanding results. For more information regarding tvOS development, please fill out the below form.

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