Android 10 is out: What does this new OS bring?

Written by: on September 5, 2019

Android 10 is out now

On September 3rd, 2019, Google started rolling out its new operating system, Android 10 (also referred to as ‘Q’). Google Pixel users currently have access to Android 10 and it will be available to additional Android devices over the next few months. For apps on the Google Pixel, there are a few new features that this new operating system will offer.

User Privacy

This release has a significant focus on protecting user privacy, including allowing location permission only when an app is in use. It’s important to note that users will get notified of apps using permissions in the background. In other privacy measures, identifying device information will no longer be able to be accessed by apps. Android 10 takes drastic steps in protecting users’ privacy, and many apps will need to ensure that they follow the new protocols.

Gesture Navigation

With Android 10 a new system navigation style was also introduced called gesture navigation and users will be able to opt into it. With gesture navigation, the two and three bottom buttons are removed and the user now navigates by swiping from the bottom to return to the home screen and recent pages, while swiping from the left to the right of the screen takes them back to their previous page. Apps that contain content on the sides, like a hamburger menu or side-scrolling views, should take some time to make sure that users can access the correct content while not overriding the system navigation. Since there are no longer the bottom system buttons, apps can start to take advantage of more screen and provide edge-to-edge content.

Dark Mode

Lastly, dark mode was introduced, which has been a long-awaited feature for many. While this is a system setting, it is not applied to apps automatically, so developers will need to make styling changes to take into account users’ lighting preferences.

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