2019 Amazon Event: What Was Announced?

Written by: on September 25, 2019

2019 Amazon Event

On Wednesday, September 25th, a plethora of hardware devices and features for the Alexa voice assistant were announced at the 2019 Amazon Event. Here are all of the major highlights.

New Echo Devices

It’s safe to say that the star of the show was the new Echo Studio which is Amazon’s answer to the Apple HomePod and the Google Home Max. The Echo Studio is the first smart speaker to contain 3D Dolby Atmos Sound and has three separate midrange speakers. The device can automatically tune itself to the room and costs a total of $200.

2019 Amazon Event: What Was Announced?

Additionally, an updated Echo Dot was also rolled out at the 2019 Amazon Event and contains a front-facing LED clock. Lastly, the Echo Show 8 was also introduced and has an HD display and a much more appealing design than previous Echo Shows.

All three of these new Echo devices are available for preorder starting today.

Introducing Wearables

Alexa will soon be with you everywhere you go as she is housed in three exciting new wearables that were covered at the 2019 Amazon Event. First up are the Echo Buds, which are wireless headphones that include Bose noise-canceling technology and are priced to sell at $129. The Echo Buds support using your phone’s native voice assistant as well.

2019 Amazon Event: What Was Announced?

Additionally, the Echo Loop was introduced, which is a smart ring containing two microphones and a haptics engine to send notifications. The Echo Loop will cost a total of $129. Finally, Echo Frames are glasses that can access Alexa and respond where only the individual wearing the glasses can hear. The Echo Frames do not contain a display or a camera. Consumers can add prescription lenses and the frames will cost $179.

2019 Amazon Event: What Was Announced?

Both the Echo Frames and the Echo Loop are part of the “Day One” program from Amazon and will be available by invite-only for now.

Alexa Features

The 2019 Amazon Event announced a variety of new features that will be added to the Alexa voice assistant very soon. Amazon remains committed to privacy concerns around Alexa and will offer users an option to auto-delete their history every three or eighteen months. Also, two new utterances will be added to increase transparency with Alexa’s inner workings. Users can soon request “Alexa, tell me what you heard” to playback the previous recording that was uploaded to the cloud. Users will also be even to say “Alexa, why did you do that?” when the device does something unexpected.

According to the 2019 Amazon Event, Alexa’s voice has also been improved with Neural Text to Speech and will sound much more natural than ever before. If users aren’t a fan of Alexa’s voice, they will be able to change it to Samuel L. Jackson’s voice with more celebrity voices coming soon. Each new voice will cost 99 cents.

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