Whitepaper: Utility Companies Improving Brand Loyalty Through Digital

Written by: on November 27, 2018

Driving Utility Brand Loyalty Through Digital Experiences

A utility company is nothing like Uber, Google Maps nor Amazon, yet its customers expect just as sterling a digital experience as they get when they are requesting a car, navigating to a new restaurant, or buying electronics.

Some in the industry are underperforming in the eyes of customers and suffering from a lack of loyalty and even dissatisfaction. But others are using digital experience, including the rolling out of a mobile app, to please users.

This whitepaper provides actionable steps to ensure that your utility company’s digital interactions with customers are all that they can be.

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Jeff Hasen

Jeff Hasen

Jeff Hasen is Wunderman Thompson Mobile's Senior Strategist and is one of the leading evangelists in mobile and emerging technologies. He enables brands to get closer to their customers in times upended by new devices and behaviors. The results are increased sales and loyalty and businesses doing the disrupting rather than being disrupted.

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