Interning at POSSIBLE Mobile: No Coffee Runs Here

Written by: on September 26, 2018

During the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to intern with POSSIBLE Mobile as an iOS Developer. POSSIBLE Mobile is a digital agency that marries strategy, user experience, and software development to deliver custom solutions across mobile, voice, connected devices, and more. The team has delivered award-winning apps for clients such as March Madness Live—which recently won an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Trans-media Sports Coverage category—as well as JetBlue Airways, which recently won a Webby Award for Best User Experience.

Unlike stereotypical intern roles that may require grabbing coffee for managers or sorting mail, POSSIBLE Mobile interns are placed onto actual teams and are tasked with meaningful work for which they’re paid. Prior to this internship, I had absolutely no experience working with native iOS apps. During my first few days at POSSIBLE Mobile, I joined the JetBlue team to work on their iOS application. While a bit nervous, I was told that JetBlue is a great project for an intern to learn most aspects of app development.

Since JetBlue is one of POSSIBLE Mobile’s longest running partnerships, the app’s codebase has been technologically evolving over the years. It led to a very unique and interesting codebase to learn from. In the beginning, I was assigned small tasks like updating image assets and fixing the capitalization of certain labels. Once I was more established, I started working on accessibility with VoiceOver and dynamically-sized text. Eventually, the JetBlue team had faith in me to start building full views. I credit JetBlue’s iOS team as well as my pod neighbors in helping me with all my questions.

Intern at POSSIBLE Mobile

In addition to the excellent training and mentorship I received from my team, I also appreciated the company comradery at POSSIBLE Mobile. The office promotes an outgoing culture; between morning chats in the kitchen, quick foosball/ping pong breaks during lunch, or beer and popcorn time at the end of the week, there’s never a dull moment. One of the biggest goals of the company executives is maintaining a tight-knit feel between the employees. You won’t feel like just another number at POSSIBLE Mobile.

To further illustrate the agency’s culture, a few weeks ago I attended a Rockies game with our CEO, Ben Reubenstein. This outing occurred as a result of me watching a Rockies game in the kitchen one day during lunch when Ben happened to walk by. We had a lengthy conversation about baseball and how the Rockies season was going. Then he said that we should catch a Rockies game sometime in the near future, so we did. How many interns can say they got to hang out with their CEO at a baseball game? Probably not too many.

Intern at POSSIBLE Mobile

It gets better. Every three months, POSSIBLE Mobile hosts company-wide events outside of the office that everyone looks forward to. Previous quarterly events have involved indoor skydiving, ax throwing, laser tag, bowling, curling, and Top Golf. Aside from obliterating the leaderboard (humble brag), I had a chance to interact with employees from different departments that I don’t always get the chance to work with.

Intern at POSSIBLE Mobile

POSSIBLE Mobile is a perfectly-sized company to work for, with just over 80 employees in the Denver office, and 50 in Atlanta. It’s small enough to have the fun perks of a start-up company but with the logistics and benefits of an established organization. POSSIBLE Mobile is an innovative agency that is changing the game for their clients and the mobile industry overall. After all, the company has been involved with app development from the very beginning. What started out as a couple of developers who built a network connection app that was featured in the App Store’s Top 100 Apps list, has since evolved into the renowned WPP company it is today.

In summary, my internship with POSSIBLE Mobile was incredibly valuable. Not only did I learn about app development and working on a team, but I was also able to get a sense for what I’d like to do with my career. App development is the perfect blend of front-end and back-end work, and my passion for it was solidified through my internship with POSSIBLE Mobile.

Finally, my advice to future interns is to have fun and work hard. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, or you won’t discover whether this is truly your passion. I personally find it more exhilarating to encounter occasional obstacles and solve them, rather than have everything come easy. With that said, when you do run into major struggles as an intern, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. I found that it was much more beneficial to my learning to ask my team members for hints, or a push in the right direction, instead of having them solve everything for me. Without perseverance, you’ll never get that feeling of accomplishment.

Interested in working at POSSIBLE Mobile? Check out our open positions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Gett Villanueva

Gett Villanueva

Gett is an iOS Developer at POSSIBLE Mobile. He’ll be graduating from Colorado School of Mines in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. When he is not coding, you can find him at an Avs, Rockies, Nuggets, or Broncos game.

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