Bank on an Evolving Mobile User

Written by: on February 27, 2018

The Art of Mobile Persuasion Podcast, Jeff Hasen (Mobile Strategist)

The Art of Mobile Persuasion is a book written by POSSIBLE Mobile’s Mobile Strategist, Jeff Hasen. Jeff’s podcast is a play off of his book and discusses how the world’s most influential brands are transforming the customer relationship through courageous mobile marketing. Jeff provides actionable insights on campaigns, trends, and technologies for the world’s most innovative marketers.

Episode 28: Bank On An Evolving Mobile User

How KeyBank Uses Personas and Data To Drive Product Innovation for Mobile Banking

Customers used to turn to desktops to accomplish more complicated banking chores. Now they insist on using mobile banking apps. In episode 28 of The Art of Mobile Persuasion Podcast, Fazir Ali, SVP, Digital Strategy, Product Management & Innovation for KeyBank, teaches us how to identify consumer needs and to meet and exceed them. Find more about this episode and mobile banking in the post below.

Bank on an Evolving Mobile User

To believe that only younger generations trust and use mobile banking solutions is as wrong as buying into the nonsense that cash will be gone by Tuesday.

“It’s more complicated than that,” Fazir Ali, KeyBank’s SVP, Digital Strategy, Product Management & Innovation, told me in new episode 28 of my The Art of Mobile Persuasion podcast (above).

“It’s all about having very robust data and analytics. Who are our clients? When are they using mobile banking apps versus the tablet app or when are they using the desktop? For us right now, we have more complicated tasks on the web versus mobile. Our intention was clients are going to use mobile banking on the go. They want to quickly check their balances to make a buying decision. They want to transfer money quickly from one account to another. They want to quickly pay a bill or deposit a check.”

A 2017 Bank of America study reported that 62% of all Americans, not only those under 35, use a mobile baking app.

As for the ridiculousness that no one will be using dollars and cents soon, I remind you that we not only still seeing tens of thousand of ATMs, many banks continue to have traditional tellers and other branch personnel.

But, of course, the trend is away from brick and mortar.

In fact, Ali and his team have learned that customers want to do more on smartphones with mobile banking.

“Our clients are spending way more time on mobile and they want to do some of those complicated tasks on their mobile device,” he said.  “It’s about taking a look at the data and understanding the personas. Who are we going after and why. Then we design accordingly.

“Our goal holistically is that we can be a part of their daily lives while we guide them along their financial journey so they are financially well, so to speak.”

The interview with Ali provides plenty of insights and actionable steps for all marketers, not just those in financial services.

Hear the full interview in the episode above.

Jeff Hasen

Jeff Hasen

Jeff Hasen is Wunderman Thompson Mobile's Senior Strategist and is one of the leading evangelists in mobile and emerging technologies. He enables brands to get closer to their customers in times upended by new devices and behaviors. The results are increased sales and loyalty and businesses doing the disrupting rather than being disrupted.

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