Acknowledging That You Need a Digital Transformation Is Only Step One

Written by: on October 10, 2017

The Art of Mobile Persuasion Podcast, Jeff Hasen (Mobile Strategist)

Episode 21: Digital Transformation

The Art of Mobile Persuasion is a book written by POSSIBLE Mobile’s Mobile Strategist, Jeff Hasen. Jeff’s podcast is a play off of his book and discusses how the world’s most influential brands are transforming the customer relationship through courageous mobile marketing. Jeff provides actionable insights on campaigns, trends, and technologies for the world’s most innovative marketers. For episode 21 of The Art of Mobile Persuasion, Jeff Interviewed Microsoft’s Emerging Technology Partnerships Executive, Doug Gould, to discuss what your brand’s digital transformation should look like this year.

While recognizing that your brand needs a digital transformation is a great first step, it’s important to consider advances in emerging technology like augmented reality, AI, chatbots, voice, and the list continues. Everyday, Doug Gould helps brands determine how they can execute the best digital transformation possible.

From the conversation, Doug highlighted a few key themes in his blog, Pacific Standard Time.

  1. The term ‘digital transformation’ gets used quite a bit by people in technology, but what does it actually mean? Doug’s personal view is that a digital transformation revolves around a brand’s mix of creativity and technology to open up to new markets.
  2. Mobile is the gateway. Mobile apps have the ability to be highly personalized and collect a great deal of information on how consumers are engaging with a brand. Emerging tech such as AI, machine learning, and AR will bring new ways for brands to build strong relationships with their customers. Overall, this will lead to greater amounts of data for the brands that execute on this right.
  3. Digital Product Mindset: Brands will need to be iterative and agile based on the way we discussed ‘digital transformation.’ It will be crucial to look at digital assets like websites, mobile apps, and other technology-driven experiences not in silos but as part of a broad, cohesive strategy. This shift to a ‘digital product mindset’ is going to be especially difficult (but necessary) for companies that have only manufactured physical goods.

To learn more about how to best think about and execute your digital transformation, listen to the podcast episode below.

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Alex Austin

Alex Austin

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