Mobile’s First 10 Years Provide Springboard to What’s to Come

Written by: on August 28, 2017

100 Million App Downloads Later, POSSIBLE Mobile Eyes 1-to-1 Engagement

POSSIBLE Mobile’s Mobile Strategist, Jeff Hasen, interviewed POSSIBLE Mobile CEO, Ben Reubenstein, for episode 20 of Jeff’s podcast The Art of Mobile Persuasion. In the 10 years of the modern mobile era, apps that Ben Reubenstein and his team have built have been downloaded more than 100 million times. So for this podcast episode, we went back to Ben and asked what changes are coming in decade two. Here’s a hint, while it’s about scale, it is also about one-to-one connections.

Jeff Hasen

Jeff Hasen

Jeff Hasen is Wunderman Thompson Mobile's Senior Strategist and is one of the leading evangelists in mobile and emerging technologies. He enables brands to get closer to their customers in times upended by new devices and behaviors. The results are increased sales and loyalty and businesses doing the disrupting rather than being disrupted.

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