POSSIBLE Mobile Atlanta Celebrates 4th Quarter

Written by: on February 14, 2017

The POSSIBLE Mobile Atlanta office celebrated a successful 4th quarter by going out of their comfort zones at iFLY Indoor Skydiving. iFLY is a brand-new indoor skydiving facility that just opened in Atlanta, and POSSIBLE Mobile was one of the first big groups to break it in. The team was broken into two groups and given lessons on how to fly in the tunnel. Instructors assisted all of the team members on correct posture, and everyone was flown up high for the full experience. While some members of the team were nervous to fly, everyone encouraged one another to give it a try. The team even got to see the instructors show off some of their professional tricks.

The POSSIBLE Mobile Atlanta team had a great time bonding with one another and trying something new. The team plans on continuing to jump and fly in the upcoming quarter.

Alex Austin

Alex Austin

Alex Austin is a Content Strategist at Wunderman Thompson Mobile, a leading app development agency. Alex has experience with social media marketing, writing strategic content, and helping to lead new business efforts. When not working, you can find Alex on the mountain or enjoying a good book.

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