POSSIBLE Mobile Crushes Curling

Written by: on October 28, 2015

POSSIBLE Mobile’s Denver team capped off their quarterly meeting with an afternoon of team building and competition at Denver’s Curling Club. As POSSIBLE Mobile continues to grow, so does our work culture and adventures. The office is still buzzing about how unique and fun the curling experience was for the entire staff.

“We’ve had around 32 quarterly events which included paintball, watching the Rockies, a tour of the Pepsi Center and more. I can honestly say the curling event was one of the best events…,” Danielle Reubenstein, mobile executive creative director, said.

What made curling the ideal team building sport? CurlingHeroImage2

We spent the afternoon in a single-session class that taught us the basics of the game, including safety, rules, technique and etiquette. Once we mastered the basics, it was game on.

“Ice is the great equalizer. There were no smarts, skills or expertises that set us apart. We all just played something new and had fun doing it,” Jared Gatti, talent manager, said.

From developers and designers to talent management and execs, the team took full advantage of the opportunity to bond and push ourselves out of our comfort zone.  

“Curling was a fun activity that I probably would have never tried, but am happy I had the chance. It was great to play with a team of people that I usually don’t get the chance to work with on a daily basis. POSSIBLE Mobile has a work hard, play hard culture that I absolutely love,” Laura Hamel, business growth strategist, said.

Many of us only knew about curling from the Winter Olympics. We went from not knowing much about the sport to being curling enthusiasts who are looking forward to our next opportunity to play.

“Curling was a great team event.  It was great to see everyone learning a new skill together. Huge respect to professional curlers!” Ben Reubenstein, CEO, said.


Laura Hamel

Laura Hamel

Laura is a Business Growth Strategist at POSSIBLE Mobile, a leading mobile development company. Laura has experience growing small and large companies, as well as acquisition integration. Her mission is to help companies determine how they can leverage new technology to build their brands and engage consumers. She blogs on industry trends, do’s and dont’s and business strategy. You can follow Laura on Twitter @LauraHamel.

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