PGA TOUR iPad Wins 2015 Appy Award

Written by: on May 21, 2015

Excited to be recognized for our work, be sure to grab the app here.

It’s not just a golf thing, it’s not even a PGA TOUR golf thing, it’s a PGA TOUR iPad app golf thing. With its proprietary data, the PGA TOUR info is a touch away. Users can download every piece of news, video, stat. They can follow every player, look at tee placements and generally keep up with every shot made on tour (and if you are doing this, you really might have a problem). Then, users can share thoughts and content with others on the site, regardless of the device or operating system or handicap.

Congratulations to all the 2015 winners.

Ben Reubenstein

Ben Reubenstein

Ben Reubenstein, CEO of Wunderman Thompson Mobile where he leads a team of highly dedicated, mobile-centric professionals who create native mobile apps and engaging consumer experiences. He also developed one of the first 150 iOS apps for Apple's app store.

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