The iOS Design Cheat Sheet

Written by: on August 25, 2014

The answers to the most frequently asked iOS design questions, all in one place.

After the great feedback we got from our Android Design Cheat Sheet, we’re proud to unveil its companion, The iOS Design Cheat Sheet, today. Here you’ll find compiled information about proper practices when designing for the platform. It covers:

  • iOS naming conventions
  • Canvas sizes for iOS devices
  • App icon sizes
  • Common iOS UI elements

We’re sending all 360iDev attendees home with a poster-sized print of the Cheat Sheet today, but everyone can still access the digital version and make your own print here:

The-iOS-Design-Cheat-Sheet Click on the image or here for a full size version.

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Meghan Dever

Meghan Dever

Meghan is a UX/UI designer at POSSIBLE Mobile. She has been creating new mobile experiences at POSSIBLE Mobile since 2013, and has worked on several major brands that have been featured on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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