The Android Design Cheat Sheet

Written by: on January 14, 2014

How many icons fit in an action bar? How much spacing should you leave between 2 Android UI elements?

Android’s Design Guide gives us a lot of guidance for the Android platform, but the information is not always easy to navigate.

What if you just want quick answers to your most frequently asked Android design questions?

Enter the cheat sheet. Here you’ll find compiled information about proper practices when designing for the platform. It covers:

  • Android Text Fields, Seek Bars, Spinners, Pickers, Switches, and their use cases
  • 9-patch assets, with the addition of optical bounds layout capabilities
  • Android device sizes and their associated screen, action bar, status bar, and tab bar sizes
  • Proper padding for UI elements
  • Action bar, contextual, and launcher icon specifics
  • dp to px conversions

We first developed this for use internally, but we’ve found it so useful and time-saving that we’d like to share it with the whole community.


Click on the image or here for a full size version.

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Meghan Dever

Meghan Dever

Meghan is a UX/UI designer at POSSIBLE Mobile. She has been creating new mobile experiences at POSSIBLE Mobile since 2013, and has worked on several major brands that have been featured on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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