Making Possibility A Reality: Tag It! Goes Live

Written by: on September 3, 2013

“Being a product developer for over 15 years, I have learned that every great idea starts off crippled. There are a million reasons why something truly innovative can't be done. From my first meeting with Double Encore, there was always an attitude of possibility.” - Michael Park, Creative Product Developer at Rendi

As a business developer, you want it all. You want expert consultation and ultimate control over your product. And you deserve it! You’ve done your research, and you know your users better than anyone else. But what you might not know is apps.

That’s why Rendi decided to partner with Double Encore to build their Tag It! app which shipped on August 15th and received a first round of updates just last week.


The Tag It! App allows parents to design custom photo tags right on their mobile devices using personal images right from their camera roll. Rendi’s production studio then prints and mails the custom design on physical tags for users to display as home decor:

Tag It! Board

A Custom Board By Rendi User, MimiPhotography
So what does it take to build a custom app like Tag It?

Over the course of a few months, we delivered Rendi:

  • Native Android and iPhone applications
  • Platform-specific UX for iPhone and Android
  • Custom designs inspired by Rendi’s aesthetic
  • Custom photo-processing engineering optimized for speed and accuracy
  • Custom wizard workflow that integrates with the website’s Silverlight plugin
  • Client control over backend features (like fonts, background textures, etc…)
  • Monetization consulting

In other words, we delivered a mobile photo design studio for Rendi’s new product line. And together, we are delighting users:

“The Rendi app is fast, fun, and easy to capture everyday moments, in a flash.” Kayelene Clark, Rendi Stylist

For an in-depth look at how we developed the Tag It! app, take a look at the case study or contact us to talk about your mobile needs.

Emily Grossman

Emily Grossman

Emily is the Inbound Marketing and Community Manager at Double Encore, Inc., handling Marketing, HR, and Office Management for the leading mobile development company. Emily maintains our website, organizes company events, tackles social media, and keeps the office well caffeinated.

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