Essential iOS 7 Developer’s Guide

Written by: on September 18, 2013

iOS 7 was released to the public today. In celebration, we're delivering essential iOS 7 tips for developers every hour on the hour for 11 hours today.

Whether you’ve struggled with Apple’s iOS 7 documentation, lacked access under the NDA, or just avoided reading it entirely, our iOS 7 Developer’s Guide will walk you through the basics for understanding Apple’s newest OS.

Your Essential iOS 7 Developer’s Guide

Now that Apple has publicly released iOS 7, we’re unlocking these useful tips:

  1. iOS 7 Additions: OMG Finally! DEunlock
  2. Custom Transitions DEunlock
  3. iOS 7: Text Kit DEunlock
  4. Auto Layout Updates in iOS 7 DEunlock
  5. The Developer’s Guide to iOS 7 Status Bar DEunlock
  6. What’s New in Bluetooth LE? DEunlock
  7. Background Fetch DEunlock
  8. Core Motion Activity Tracking in iOS 7 DEunlock
  9. UIKit Dynamics DEunlock
  10. Go From “0 to Game” With Sprite Kit DEunlock
  11. What is Missing from iOS 7 DEunlock

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