7 Tips to Get a Killer Job in Mobile

Written by: on June 13, 2013

If you’re a development or design professional looking to begin or continue a career in the ever-changing field of mobile, we have some tips.

Given the number of resumes we review each week, we wanted to take a moment to tell you what works, what to keep in mind and, most importantly, some key ways to think about the entire career search process. We’ll help you not only focus your efforts, but also put you in a better position to get noticed by the firms you want to work for.

Before we get to some mobile industry-specific tips, we’ll spend a moment on an important task for anyone seeking a job in tech these days: read and respond to the job description. While it might seem obvious, we’ll tell you why this is so important.

Every company is looking for something and someone different. If you spend a few moments with the job description, you’ll likely find some hints about their ideal candidate, company culture, and employee expectations. Your résumé and cover letter/ email should reflect how your skills and personality are a fit for each specific position and not just be a boilerplate that you send out to every job posting.

In this way, you actually improve your odds of landing a job by applying to fewer positions at only the places you really see a strong fit.

Now, here are the 7 keys to finding your next killer job in mobile:

1. Tell A Story

From the moment you send in your résumé and cover letter to your first day at work, your primary objective is to tell a story. Our CTO says it best:

“When I’m sitting in front of a candidate who’s made it to a second or third interview round, I should be on the edge of my seat – excited about how it’s going to end.”

Personality, integrity, motivation, and an overall enthusiasm for where you and your technical skills can fit are key. Don’t be afraid to tell that story to your interviewer.

2. Show Your Personality

Mobile agencies receive interest from numerous applicants each week, so think about how your application can stand out from the crowd. While you want to keep it professional, you can always add flair in your cover letter/email or the “special skills” section of your résumé.

Maybe you know your favorite agency has a foosball table and a crew that’s crazy for crossfit. Don’t be shy about mentioning your passions and, perhaps, quirks; it just might be those qualities that inspire a company whose work you admire to put your application at the top of the stack for another look.

3. Submit A Sample Project

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked in mobile before. Even if a project isn’t mobile-specific, sample projects offer valuable insight into how you work, code or design, and think. Send a sample along. We don’t see these submitted very often among the applications we receive but would love to see it become the norm. Think of a sample project as an expression of your skills, process, and personality.

4. Get Technical AND Personal

While your personality and technical talents might get you in the door to the world of mobile, expect the interview process to demand even more of both. Jay, our CTO, has this bit of advice:

“If we are sitting across from each other in an interview, I do not want to hear some high level, light touch answer to a question. I want to hear how you overcame the problem of your supposed asynchronous operation blocking the execution of an app even though you are still pumping the run loop, for example.”

Always come prepared with good examples of technical problems and the story of how you overcame each – which leads us to the issue of growth.

5. Offer Room For Growth

Mobile changes every day, and your skill set will need to evolve along with it. No firm expects you to join a team and know everything right off the bat. Don’t be afraid, during the application and interview process, to share the areas in which you’d like to learn and improve.

It’s important for mobile tech companies to see that you’re a team member with the potential to become an even greater asset to their company over time. You might even want to create a section on your résumé for areas where you’d like to expand your knowledge. In the same vein, avoid over-spinning your skills. An in-depth technical interview will uncover areas where you’ll need to shore-up your talents. It’s best to be honest about your proficiencies from the start.

6. Ask Questions

An interview process is just as much for candidates as it is for employers. While no employer wants to be drilled, the interview is a perfectly appropriate place to ask questions about company culture, learning opportunities, job roles and responsibilities, and mutual expectations.

Nobody wants to be surprised about expectations when they walk in on the first day. Working in a fast-paced field like mobile can mean long, demanding days. Finding a firm that you’re excited to join, even knowing those long, demanding days are ahead, is definitely important.

7. Don’t Be Shy About Networking

Mobile agencies are always attending conferences and other industry events. If you know that a company you would like to work for is at one of these events, consider attending. Not only will you probably pick up some new skills and contacts, it’s a great way to put a face to your skills, and to open up the application process with a human touch. It also shows prospective employers that you’re interested and invested in the industry – two key qualities that will separate you from many others in the applicant pool.

Finding Your Match

The best advice for securing your killer job in mobile is to look for an agency that will offer you a career – not just a job. Mobile is only going to get bigger and more demanding, so finding a firm with which you can grow is a great path for you. When we make a new hire, we do it with the thought that a new team member will be with us for years to come, and we know that many other mobile agencies approach the process the same way. It’s about your skills, your goals, and an employer who will help you use them and improve them.

Walking into an office with a culture like that every day? Now that’s a killer job in mobile.

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Emily Grossman

Emily Grossman

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